On Gates leaving Microsoft. Quote for today….

I was reading over our forums at Mark Minasi’s joint, and I read this thread.

It is discussing the “replacement for Bill”.   Mark’s comment made me laugh, so I thought I would share it:

Whether you like him or not, Gates is a genius. While at Harvard, he heard about this new 8080 chip and couldn’t get ahold of one. So he gets the technical manual on how it works and builds an 8080 emulator on a Digital minicomputer. Never actually tests it against a REAL 8080. Then he uses the emulator to write a BASIC interpreter. Takes the code, flies to New Mexico and shows up at the place where they’ve making 8080-based computers. Punches in this code debugged on the emulator never tested against the 8080 into a real 8080.

Works the first time.

Ray Ozzie? Let’s see, he, uh, gave us Lotus Notes.”

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