Now you can shutdown your PC's on your SBS Network at night…

Clients often bug me about not being able to shutdown their PC’s when they go home at night.   Even though they want to work on them that evening…

Well now, thanks to some clever programming by Oliver Sommer (a fellow SBS MVP), you can have this feature embedded into SBS’s Remote Web Workplace.

After the easy installation and licencing of the product on the server, the remote web workplace gets some new buttons….

You simply select the computer you wish to work with from the RWW List, and you can either send the Wake on LAN command to that PC, which will power it up, or you can send a Ping to see if it is alive on the network.   Pretty cool.   (Click the thumbnails below to see screen shots of the button responses.

The link to the site where I got this from does not seem to have an English page, something I hope that Oliver will fix.   The software can be trialled for a few days, and I would suggest giving it a go.   Users will love this feature.

  One Reply to “Now you can shutdown your PC's on your SBS Network at night…”

  1. Daryl Sensenig
    December 1, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Is this available for SBS 2008?

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