Munster… I got to love this team…

…I found myself screaming & stressing so much at the Heineken Cup Final that the Biarritz supporter behind me thought it would be a good idea to give me a neck rub after I sat down for a break 🙂

I waited to post this as I wanted to see what the final game of the season would bring in the Celtic League…   we just beat Cardiff 37 – 8 which was fitting for the end of the season.   Whilst I did not make it down to this last game, Rachel did.   The atmosphere sounds amazing…   I am stuck watching the parade of the Heineken Cup on Setanta Sports.  Ah well.

So, we have won…   it makes all the European trips that we followed Munster to seem less expensive than they actually were…   It means that if Leinster ever do win the Heineken cup, I won’t feel quite so bad. It means that Limerick city will be a less dangerous place to walk the streets at night…..    (Well actually no…    but two out of three ain’t bad).

So… I’ll leave you with some pictures of Sean, Laura, Aiden, Fiona, Stephen, Aoifa, Rachel and I celebrating in Cardiff last week 🙂

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