ISA 2004 and Multiple Networks

ISA2004 really does wind me up 🙂  

We have a client that is running SBS2003 and recently (rightly) upgraded to SBS2003 SP1 complete with a move from ISA2000 to ISA2004.    For once, the whole install of the SP went pretty well.   So well in fact that I made it home for dinner.

However, this morning, the client contacted me and reported that the FTP traffic to the Intranet servers on the other sites was blocked from all clients.   You see, this client has three sites.   Each site is independent yet they all use each others Terminal Servers and FTP sites to share information.   The ISA server was configured to consider that the internal network set included all of the three remote site subnets.    There was a rule to allow RDP and FTP traffic to these subnets….   it should work…. it did work with 2000….

The other catch is that all internal traffic gets redirected from the ISA server to a Cisco Router.   Again, this should not be a problem as I am allowing this in ISA.     Nightmare!

As of yet, this is not resolved.   Microsoft is connected to the server as my head is hurting…     they have been at it now for 4 or so hours…  bless them….

I still get my dinner…

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