The IMac Arrived….

Well, whilst the delivery did take two whole weeks, I am glad the IMac is here!   I have to say, it is a very tidy box and the setup was painless.  The last time I looked as Mac OS X it was really nasty to get it to connect to a SBS Network.    This time it took me a grand total of 5 minutes.   Impressive for a non-apple person I think 😉

There is a cool “Windows Media” type program that allows you to view videos, listen to your music with a tiny remote control.   This is pretty cool except the fact that there is no storage place for the remote on the IMac which I really would have thought that Apple would have thought about.   Mind you, I suppose the fact that they got everything including a dual core Intel processor into the monitor was impressive enough.

I was chatting with Vlad Massek from the IMac with MSN Messenger 5.1 and I asked him if he knew how to do a CTRL – C to copy as this did not work on the Mac.    He said “right click and select copy”….   can you believe it but I actually went to do it!   Doh!   (Of course it is actually THATFUNNYSQUIGGLYSYMBOL – C to copy on a Mac 🙂 

Actually, that reminds me….  Vlad has a great post up at the moment.   Take a read.

Edit:  I take it back, its cool….   the wee remote is magnetic and sits nicely on the side of the monitor!


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