SBS R2 Webcast tonight… Initial thoughts…

Listening to Guy on the public webcast this evening on SBS R2.

Things I like:

Expanded CAL Rights.  
Brilliant!   That means you can now have a second Exchange Server 2003 or SQL Workgroup 2005 Server on your SBS network and have the CAL’s from your SBS network cover that server.   Very cool.   You do, of course, still have to purchase the licences for the server.

WSUS Integration is very cool
‘Nuff Said

Things I still don’t like:

SQL2005 requirement with R2
OK, this sucks…. big time.   It is madness that Microsoft are forcing you to move to SQL2005 Workgroup (No backward / downgrade Licence).   Do they not understand that most LOB applications don’t yet support SQL2005?!

I can live without Windows R2, but Quota improvments?
As per my previous post, a load of Windows R2 features are not included.   I can get used to that, as a lot of them are related to enterprise only requirements.  But please give me the new folder level quotas!

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