Did Hell Freeze over…..?

No, but I did buy an iMac today…

Don’t panic just yet…   I am not quite ready for the Apple switch; I simply purchased this to understand the “Other Side”.   I am fed up of going to client sites where the Mac exists and not being able to answer the user questions (especially when it is sitting on a SBS Network).

But you know what….   the REAL reason I decided to purchase the iMac was simply due to this advert. I think that our friends in Apple have finally figured out that to get to people like me, they need to say things like “Intel” or “Microsoft Office on the Mac” etc.  (But I should say the commentary is different on the Irish / UK version of this ad, and convinced me more than the one on this webclip).

I’ll let you know how I get on…. 😉

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