Great Posts…..

This made my day…    still laughing.

Mike on Mark Minasi’s forum posted a link to this, thanks man….   he said:

This link goes to a message board where sound gear enthusiasts get
together to geek out. One guy uploaded some pictures of singers
during a recording session, and asked everyone if they could help him
identify the microphone that was being used.

About the 3rd message someone posted something like “To heck with the
microphone…these pictures are hilarious!”

And off they went. The thread goes for about 9 pages, but it is SO WORTH IT to check out all 9 pages. Creative minds + a very funny picture + Photoshop = about 2 dozen hysterical parodies of a picture that is already very, very funny. It starts to get really interesting about the 3rd page….be patient.”


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