Arno and his amazing technicolour coding

About 4 years ago I got chatting to Arno Gerretsen.    I knew immediately that I had to make good friends with this guy as he makes my animation for Flight Simulator…. well…. work 🙂   His tools, all available on, have been a massive help to designers worldwide.   Best thing is they are all free!

We worked together on many tools.   Well…   I say that, but he did the work, I simply hassled him with ideas and concepts 😉   Sometime around the release of FS2002 I asked Arno if he could figure a way to get around the 1024 frame limitation of animations from GMAX / Flight Simulator so that we could do cool stuff like easier animation of vehicles and other FS “world” things.

The good news is that today he managed to figure it out!   This is great news for us FS designers that want to produce longer animations 🙂   Nice one Arno!

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