Moving on…….

I woke this morning to the news that Steve Lacey is moving on from Microsoft.  

When I first met Steve, it was one of those true “Geek” moments.   I was walked into his office and the first thing I noticed was the amazing amount of empty Coke cans on his desk.   I think that the team were having some kind of competition on the amount of cans they could drink or something….   I never did figure that out.

The next thing was how dark the room was, complete with 4 or 5 monitors.    Some had “Matrix” type stuff going on, and others had Flight Simulator running in Development mode.    At the time, it did not hit me how much Steve had done / was doing for Microsoft as I was in “La La Land” about being in the FS Building in the first place.   In fact, I will not go into it except to say that it is significant and you can read his own summary here

Steve, thanks for all the cool stuff you have done for the game.   It’s a shame that not everyone will realise just how much that was…

Good luck with the start-up….

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