Sorry for the lack of posts……

Wow…  some weekend.   All started with the magic call about the ticket.   I knew people in very “high” rugby circles that could not get one.    The Munster / Sale Sharks game was simply one of the best I have ever been at.   If we play like that from now on, we’ll win the Heineken Cup for sure.   I also heard on the news last night that the young Barry Murphy got a call up to the Irish squad which he well deserves.   (As long as that poxy Eddie O’Sullivan does not leave him on the bench).

Anyway….   since I have taken two days to get over the weekend, I have been missing some good posts on the blogs.   Here are a few:

How to Write a Feature Request – From Mike
More explainations of DirectX – Also from Mike
Flight Simulator and SLI – From Steve
I can see clearly now… – Jason

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