EZ Scenery and my dream of the Ultimate design tool.

Over recent days, there have been a lot of posts about a new design tool called EZ-Scenery from Abacus.   This new tool gives scenery designers something that I have been pushing to be a standard in Flight Simulator releases for quite some time.

The tool allows you to place size and manipulate library objects within the Flight Simulator “world”, and I have to admit is a very clever bit of coding from Konstantine Kukushkin.   

Now, I am going to take this a whole step further, and go off in to dream mode for a while.    Could you imagine if you had a whole design tool built into Flight Simulator…    You could click and drag mountains and hills, create lakes and coastlines, draw taxiways and runways all within the FS Engine?    Wouldn’t that be cool.   

I also note that Arno has a post up that raises a very valid point about lots of designers ending up with conflicting GUID’s and multiple objects.   I think that the sooner some kind of control of these issues is tackled the better.

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