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I would probably still be at the in-laws if it was not for BT Ireland screwing up the broadband connection on the day I arrived.   Just my luck, but it forced me to stay away from a computer for a record amount of time.    I simply do not know how anyone can work on a 56K Dial Up modem any more!  The problem with BT Ireland’s home market is that when there is a “major issue” they have to contract an Eircom engineer to go to the exchange to do any work.   That is like asking Microsoft and Apple to work “as a team” – it just is never going to happen.

I stayed amazingly sober for the holiday, except for one memorable night at the new Cornmarket Bar in Limerick, a great venue.   A mate’s band was playing, The Funk Junkies, impressive group that you should look up if in Ireland.

The present of the year goes to my Brother in Law, Sean and his wonderful wife Laura for the Smoking Baby.   Totally Non PC, but they get my sense of humour…


I have been keeping an eye on the blogs over the past couple of weeks.   Some interesting ones are:

A post from Rob about the recent article that is sure to set the rumour mill going.   I think that (in a round about way) this addresses that.   But then, I’m guessing…

I see that Steve Lacey will be at CES next week.    I had intended to get over, but it simply has become impossible because of local commitments.  I am certain that some great things will happen at this years show.   I am really going to miss Bill Gates Pre-show Keynote.

Jason has a nice post up about the beta testing process for Flight Simulator.   It sparked a very lively discussion!

Chad Gross is getting old, and seems to have overnight turned into the Grumpy Old Man J   don’t worry Chad, I am only 4 months behind you 😉

That’ll do for now…    I have gone on too much already.

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