The last Rugby Game before Christmas.

I write this while travelling back from Limerick, where I just saw a pretty poor performance by Munster Rugby team against Newport Gwent Dragons.   We did win, but did not get our bonus point and to be honest did not deserve it.    I somehow doubt that we will get out of our group now…    Sale will beat us, let alone give us the chance for a bonus point.


Oh well, at least there is only one more work week ahead before the break for Christmas and New Year.   I can’t wait….    I need the break.


Speaking about Christmas, that brings me on to Christmas tunes and my Parrot.   You see, I have an African Grey Parrot called Monty… he swears a lot… therefore I try to teach him new things that do not insult people so much.    This time last year, I had been singing “Jingle Bells” first few lines to him for over 3 weeks to see if, at least once over the holiday, he would sing it for others….   Alas, he decided that he would wait until March.   This year I have been trying the words “Merry Christmas”.   But he seems to prefer “for f***s sake”…    I think I will keep him upstairs when the In-laws are eating, otherwise I suspect Monty may be on the menu.


Ho Ho…  Fa la la la laaaa   and all that….

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  1. December 19, 2005 at 3:30 pm

    You must know that that parrot part gave me a good laugh this morning at work. A few nice way to start the week. I am just wondering where he learned all that “nice” language. I suppose you were not his big example in that… 😉

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