Swing Migrations and GFI Faxmaker

Chad Gross emailed our MVP group this evening reporting an issue where he had performed a swing migration of a Small Business Server, and had brought over GFI Faxmaker with it.  The problem he had was that the users could send Faxes via Outlook as usual using the 123456789@faxmaker.com address method, but not send using an Outlook contacts Fax Address.

I remembered that I also had this issue before with a GFI Faxmaker installation after a migration, and the answer for anyone else that may come across the issue is quite simple:

GFI Faxmaker, when you “Fax Enable” a domain account, creates an entry for that user under the AD Domain Email Address Account called FAXMAKER.   However, it does not modify the Exchange server Recipient Update Services policy and therefore after the migration this address is not created.

To resolve the issue, simply open up the users email addresses in the AD account and add a “Other Address” called FAXMAKER, with the local domain email address.  

For example, mine is FAXMAKER nick@mydomain.local

Hope this titbit helps someone!

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