Squawkbox 3.0.4 in Beta testing

I am pretty sure that a lot of you that read this blog will be happy to know that Squawkbox 3.0.4 is currently in beta testing.   This release will bring you many cool things like:

  • Send aircraft information to all clients, not just pilots. Allows visual ATC clients like tower to display SB aircraft correctly.
  • Allow use of .msg command without entering an initial message.
  • Fixed crash bug triggered by opening multiple instances of the options dialog (bug 534).
  • Fixed several typos in the VIP aircraft.cfg file (bug 544).
  • Fixed problem where newly added planes briefly appear at the user’s location (bug 556).
  • Flight plan dialog items are saved in the registry even if the flight plan is not transmitted or saved.
  • Added support for new FSUIPC events triggering private voice PTT (requires FSUIPC 3.50 or greater).
  • Added code to check for innapropriate local modifications to equipment.txt that would cause bad data to be transmitted in the PI packet.
  • Increased FSUIPC connect timeout from 2 to 4 seconds and require two consecutive failures to trigger a failed connection to FS.
  • Upgraded to FSUIPC 3.50.
  • Upgraded to Squawkbox 3 Data 2005112100.
  • Added major VIP3 update.

So, keep an eye on www.squawkbox.ca for news….

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