UPS Ireland – "Other Charges" Rip off

From now on I am recommending to our clients, friends, suppliers that they no longer use UPS as a carrier.   Here is the reason.

If you import goods from outside the EU, you have to pay VAT @ 21% on the price of those goods.   That part is fair enough.   However, when you receive the invoice, there is a section that says “Other charges”.   This is currently €13.50 per package.  Can you Imagine the money they are making with this charge?!

Now, if you call UPS and ask them to explain this charge, they simply fob you off and give you various excuses, none of which make sense.   It’s a bloody disgrace!  One of the reasons I got this time I called was that they charge this fee because they have to pay the revenue first and then collect the money from the person they are delivering to.  Ha!  Classic! and only in Ireland could this happen….

I called the revenue commissioners in Ireland, who are working directly with UPS offices, and they have informed me that this fee is nothing to do with them.   How convenient eh?

So, it seems that the only way to hurt UPS is in the pocket…     Either call them on the freephone number 1800 575757 (that costs them money) and complain, or simply stop using them to delivery goods.  Tell your suppliers as well.


For the record DHL do not have this charge…

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