The most popular question I receive about Flight Simulator

Every day I get the same question in my blog mailbox from various sources.   So, I thought I would answer it here for everyone to see.

“Nick, when will the next version of Flight Simulator be released?”

Here is my answer:

If indeed there is a new version of Flight Simulator (Which I hope there will be, otherwise there are a lot of people sitting in a building in Redmond doing nothing) then I do not know when it will be released.   Even if I did, I could not tell you as I am under a very strict Non Disclosure Agreement as part of the MVP program.

What I will say is that if you ask anyone involved on the program the answer you will get is that the team are always working on the next version.  And they are….  very hard.

So, when I know and I am allowed to tell you, you will probably know already 🙂

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