A fix for the Effect View Limitation in Flight Simulator 2004

Woods, I could kiss you…    (But if I did you would stop
providing these Gems!)

Adrian posted this
for a Halloween treat and oh boy…  I cannot tell you how happy this is
going to make a lot of people.  I have immediately updated my
SceneryDesign wiki
tutorial on creating Lighting effects

I think Adrian’s
post does not actually say how powerful this is for scenery designers.   What
this means is that there is no longer a limit to the amount of effects you can
place (allowing of course for frame rate issues). 

  One Reply to “A fix for the Effect View Limitation in Flight Simulator 2004”

  1. Helli (Helmuth Hauck)
    January 8, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Hello Nick!

    when clicking on the link above (wiki tutorial on creating Lighting effects) I find a page with “Error”.

    Is your tutorial in the wiki under another title?
    Perhaps “Using GMAX to Create Apron Lighting using Effects” ?

    Just an observation:
    – in the Wiki the promising folder “Tools/Effects Creation Tools” is empty

    – in the forum, my thread “Scenery Design/Effects/Effects Tutorial” produced no results at all.

    Where are the Effects Experts????

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