SBS2003 OWA Domain or DomainUsername?

There is an interesting “conversation” going on on the SBS MVP Group.    It referrs to the fact that Exchange Service Pack 2 (and one of the patches recently 888619) causes the Outlook Web Access Logon screen to show domainusername as the logon requirement from a user.   On SBS before, this screen was modified to show simply username.

So, here is my take on it…  (others would not agree).

In an attempt to standardise things, the SBS team have made the logon requirement change in the background of IIS.   In other words, even though the screen is looking for domainusername, the username will work.   I for one applaud this, as it means the the SBS version of OWA is identical to the Enterprise versions, but people that are used to logging on with their name only, still can.

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