Connecting to a secure site on a different port behind ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004

Today I had a client that was having problems connecting to a site behind ISA Server.   The site was using SSL, but the port was not the standard 443 that ISA Expects.

There is an article available from Microsoft, but it is not great for Small Business Users.   So here is a dumbed down version…

Lets say that you need to allow port 8087 to work for SSL Sites.   For example

Create a text file, and paste the following into that.   Then save as a .vbs file.

set isa=CreateObject(“FPC.Root”)
set tmp=tprange.AddRange(“SSL 8087“, 8087, 8087)

Note, the green bit is the description of the port you are adding, the purple is the starting port and the red is the end port (start and end are normally the same unless you want to add a range of addresses)

Once you have saved this file, double click on it.   It will look like nothing has happened…  but it has.

Restart the Microsoft ISA Server control service and you are good to go.

Now, I have not tried this yet with ISA 2004, but the same should apply except you use the following script:

Dim root
Dim tpRanges
Dim newRange
Set root = CreateObject(“FPC.Root”)
Set tpRanges = root.GetContainingArray.ArrayPolicy.WebProxy.TunnelPortRanges
set newRange = tpRanges.AddRange(“SSL 8087“, 8087, 8087)

No warranty blah blah blah……..

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