MVP Summit – Part 6 – Busy couple of days….

Sorry for the lack of updates on the summit, but I simply have not had time to post.   This year, more than last, I have been pulled from all directions and had to dump the entire contents of my brain on two product teams.  That along side meeting my fellow SBS MVP’s and friends like Mark Minasi, Darren Mar-Elia, Sean Deuby, Karen Young, and Lorna Williamson….   The list goes on.  One person that I did fail to track down was Robert Scoble, who (if you are reading Robert) I wanted to thank for the recent Flight Simulator Trackbacks.  Oh, hang on, there was another…   Paul Williams… man you are a hard man to find!


Anyway, I am rambling as usual…   Back to the point… 


Yesterday, I met with the ACES team.   Who were, as usual totally phenomenal at embracing the spirit of the MVP program…   First, and important piece of news… those guys are going blogging mad – Finally! 🙂  Links added here for you.  As new ones come along (Hint Hint Adrian), the team will be informing me, so I will keep that list up to date for you.  Readers here should understand the importance of the push internally by the team to get their people blogging and working closer with the community.   This is simply the start of GREAT work with you… the user.


I can tell you all that there is some FANTASTIC, Jaw dropping game technology work going on with the team.   Both Steve Lacey and Jason Waskey have posts on the subject here and here and I need not say more.


Until I have time to do more…  (plane back to Ireland in 6 hours) here are some pictures of the team….   Your team….

As you can see, Hal is a modest kind of a guy 😉  I was told that one part of this sign is true…  I simply could not figure out which.

Hal, deep at work.

Some of the team.  Except that fat bloke at the back.

Another shot, with a special mention to Adrian Woods, a guy who has always been exceptionally nice and helpful to me (The one with the cool glasses) and Anthony Walp (back to the wall) who looks after me at every summit.


So, keep it up guys…   you are doing a GREAT job.

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