MVP Summit – Part 4 – First day in town

Up at 5am again today… My body clock just isn’t working.

I got myself the 60GB Apple I-Pod from the apple store yesterday, along with the Griffin Roadtrip FM transmitter. Should be fun… now I need to figure if I can sync 37GB of music across the VPN.

I also took a trip down to the Pike Street Market, which has the most amazing flowers and seafood I have seen.   The people were so pleasant, it is something I would recommend to anyone visiting Seattle.


In the evening Jeff Davis, the SBS MVP Lead, was kind enough to invite us lot around for a party. Thanks Jeff. That takes some doing! Even though I know a lot of these people… not a chance I would have 30 MVP’s round to my house 🙂 Anyway… here are some pictures from the event!

Jeff Davis and Gary Wilson



Cheeky Jeff Middleton

Smiling (Still) Grey

Cal and a wild creature…. (Henry)

Frank, Jeff M, Jeff D and Mick Malloy

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