A first look at Exchange SP2… and a note on SBS2003 with Exchange SP2

I found an interesting article today that some of you may want to read…   from Mark Grote

A First Look at Exchange 2003 SP2

In the article, there is the mention of the increase (at last) of the 16GB Limit on the store to 75GB.   That means 1GB each for your users mailboxes!  Yay!    

But, in the article, Mark has mentioned that SBS2003 users will have to wait for an update to allow us to use this new limit…   I cannot figure out why, but I am assuming that it will be a quick patch or something.   (My test SBS box is down at the moment, and I am too chicken to put SP2 on the production box).

Anyhow..   have a read, and have faith that I for one will be pushing the SBS team to get any required updates out ASAP.

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