Nokia PC Sync 6.6 is VERY buggy software…. (but I have a fix for the contacts not syncing issue)

Oh Man….    why do I always convince myself that putting on the latest version of software is a good thing…   Too used to patching I presume.

Tonight, I upgraded from Nokia PC Sync 6.4 to the new 6.6 version.    I thought to myself that this would be an easy process, and in Nokia’s defence it has been in the past.   But then the trouble started.

I synced up with Outlook 2003, and to my amazement only 83 of my 500+ contacts transferred to the phone.    So, I deleted the contacts on the phone, and even setup a new sync profile but still no joy.   I then Googled this thread and saw I was not the only one with the issue.   I tell ya, I agree with some of the posters on that forum…   never again will I get one of these phones with this OS.   Smart Phones for me all the way 🙂

Anyway, the answer to the contact issue is to export your contacts from outlook to an Access Database (must be that format for some reason), then delete the contacts and re-import back to outlook.   (I used the default mapping for export and import).   Then all works again.

I do hope that Nokia pull the finger out and patch this issue.

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  1. Nick
    August 10, 2005 at 1:02 am

    I should add, that the first time I did this the email address I forgot to map… I did that again and it worked 😉

  2. Jussi
    September 6, 2005 at 9:08 am

    Have been using Nokia for ages, but during the years, the quality of the phones, software and SUPPORT have decreased to a all time low.

    You won’t get any response from the support, and if you do, the answers are directly from some customer support database and have nothing to do with the issue. As if they don’t even read the support requests thoroughly.

    One good thing though, Smart Phones are here 🙂

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