GFI Mailessentials ROCKS! – I have been converted!

My company, NTES, is a GFI reseller.   But I had not, until today, looked at GFI Mailessentials and have been happily using Dataenter’s XWall product and Lakewood communications XWallFilter Event sink.

Now, not to take away from XWall and XWall filter, which I am certain are fantastic products for techies and large enterprises…   I have had problems training people on SBS sites with the maintainence and configuration of XWall.   Basic users found it all too much to handle.  That drove me to take a look at Mailessentials.

All I can say is WOW!   This product ROCKS.   It is so easy to setup and configure I was amazed.   GFI deserve a round of applause.   The cost is also amaing at €300.00 + €100 per year for maintainence.  (XWall and XWallFilter cost $590, but have no update costs).

Apart from the Antispam, Disclaimers and Mail Archiving facilities in GFI Mailessentials, they have a feature which I really did miss in Exchange.  A Listserver service.    You can easily setup a discussion list or newsletter list to notify your clients of events or alerts.   A facility like this is vital to any small company that wants to keep their clients updated on events or the like.

So..   The Nick Whittome seal of approval goes to this product.   Try it out…  you will be impressed!

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