Network Associates – Do you want my business or not?

My company has a mix of Symantec and Network Associates clients.   I like feature sets from both sets of antivirus products, but unless something changes soon NAI will loose all of my clients business.

“Why”, I hear you scream…    Well, it is simple really…   The renewal method for NAI is a disaster.  Each client gets a “Grant Number” from NAI, that holds all the information about the client and the reseller.   Renewing a licence should be as easy as giving this grant number to my distributor and then asking for a renewal licence.

Unfortunately, NAI don’t seem to keep things this simple.   We give the grant number to Distributor, they in turn give this to NAI to get part numbers and information on the renewal pricing…   However, NAI “are not allowed” (apparently) to give any information to our distributor on our behalf about the clients renewal information.    This is a crazy situation… 

This means for example that if we take over a site, that was installed by someone else originally, we cannot get any licence information for that end user without getting the user themselves involved in the process.   As a reseller for NAI products, this is just plain silly.

Symantec is easy…   I call, I give the licence details, I get a renewal price.  

Make it more simple NAI!


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