How to allow Symantec Antivirus 8.x and 9.x work with XPSP2

If like me, you have found the Symantec web site and technicians to be… well…. useless…

Here is a simple list of the stuff to add to the Group Policy settings to get SAV working using the System Centre Console.

Under “Define program exceptions properties” add the following: (Assuming default install location)

%ProgramFiles%SymantecLiveupdatelucomserver.exe:LocalSubnet:Enabled:Symantec Liveupdate

%ProgramFiles%Symantec Antivirusrtvscan.exe:LocalSubnet:Enabled:Symantec Antivirus

This works for me 🙂

You will need the patch for the 8.x clients to show up in the XPSP2 Firewall list.


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