Credit Ratings – Dell – and my blood pressure

For the past two months we have been busy…   very busy.   As well as more installation work, we have nearly tripled our Dell hardware sales.


My account manager in Dell, Gordon, is an exceptionally nice bloke, but he and I have a problem.   Because Dell accounts treat my business just like they do any other, they do not consider that small businesses operate differently than large businesses.  


NTES owe nothing… nada… to no one.   We own everything, and therefore have no debt.   The problem with that is that our audited accounts to the Company Registration Office show that the company has no credit “rating” because of this. 


Most small businesses that I know do not leave money in the company at the end of a year, they pay the directors, the employees, purchase assets.   It is not worth it to leave money in the company.   In my case, I am not trying to build an empire to sell to someone.   Sure, if I sold the company, it would not be the client base that the interested party would be purchasing, it would be me.


Anyway…    over the past two months with Dell, I have been hitting the credit limit that they give us, and we have been requesting a larger credit limit with them.   They will not even consider the idea.   I have offered them audited accounts information, asset listings and even my soul to get this situation resolved.  We have been dealing with Dell for over 5 years now, and have not once in that time failed to pay our account at the end of the month. (Unless there was a difference between a PO and an Invoice).   You would think that this would count for something, but apparently not…


The situation was only overcome today after 3 days.   It took your site manager in Bray to make a call to your accounts department.    I am sure he did not want the hassle, and I am certain that I didn’t.


Anyway, Michael Dell, if you are reading this, please feel free to contact me directly.   I am a VERY good customer of yours and promote your products on every client site we have.  I love the product, the service and the sales teams, but I do not appreciate the amateur way your accounts department(s) has dealt with our company, and I do not want this horrible situation to keep occurring.





Nick Whittome

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