Whats that smell?

Between all my recent travel problems (for which I have dedicated a new categories on the blog) I forgot to tell a funny story about the trip to Winconnections!

On arriving in the hotel in Orlando, we proceeded to unpack the bags.   “Whats that Smell Rachel?” I said to my lovely wife.   It was coming from one of the bags….   I thought “O God, something spilled”.

So, we unpack the bag, and leave the clothes to air.   Nothing seems wrong with the bag, but we put it on the balcony anyway as by now I am ready to pass out, and the nice lady that delivered up some food was looking very faint as she left the room.

The next day, we bring the bag back in, but the smell remains.   I leave the room to take a shower.   Just after I apply the shampoo to my hair, I hear a scream from the room…  I jump out of the shower (in true naked mvp style) and run into the living room with shampoo stinging my eyes…   Rachel looks at me and explains to me, with a few expletives, she has found the cause of the smell.

After opening the lining of the bag, my wife found the very defrosted, squashed mouse, that had travelled with us from Ireland.   The stench was unbelievable!   So, we call down to the front desk to ask for some disinfectant.

Being the Hyatt, they send not one… but two engineers to our room, complete with masks and plastic baggies to remove the offending mouse.

It was the perfect start to the holiday 🙂   I thought it would be a nice story for this new category…

Catch you later….


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