Hey Continental – Sort your self out!


Today, I should be at home preparing for 4 SBS installs over the next 2 weeks.   Unfortunately, due to the incompetence of Continental Airlines, I am stuck in Newark airport with no assistance from the rudest and most unhelpful people I have ever had to deal with.


We arrived from Orlando after a 4 hour delay only to find that our international flight to Shannon had left without us.   Not only us, but 40+ other passengers…   No food slip, no drink slip, no hotel room, nothing….   The staff were rude, unhelpful, and worse… checked off to go home.   Leaving 40 people standing with no-one to talk to.   Not only that, but they would not let us have our baggage.   I felt really bad, but we did get checked onto Sunday evening’s flight to Shannon.   I have since found out that some have to wait until the 5th November!   How insane is that! 


The “cherry on the cake” was the poor unfortunate family I found, with two children, one less than 14 months.  You had left them with nothing, taken away even the toddlers nappies and clothing in the baggage and left them with a mother in tears.   We helped this family to a hotel, but guess what…   it was not our job – but yours!


Continental…  I hope you are reading this.   You HAVE to work harder on customer relations.  Your staff needs training on how to handle people who are angry and not threaten them with your security staff just because your own staff are incompetent.


I fly often in Europe with another Airline – Ryanair.   This airline is also known to be “problematic” at best.   However, you made a trip with them look like a walk in the park.


Angry Nick.

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