A couple of cool Exchange Server 2003 Tips that I picked up today at a session

This afternoon, I picked up on two new tips at Winconnections.   Both for Exchange 2003.

OWA Public computer and Private computer session timeouts:

  • Control timeout values for Private computer, Public or Shared Computer
  • You cannot make Public or Shared Computer less secure than Trusted Computer
  • Action: Add the following DWORD values to override timeout settings (values in minutes) and restart W3SVC service


TrustedClientTimeout                                   Inactivity timeout for Public or Shared clients

PublicClientTimeout                                       Inactivity timeout for Trusted (Private) clients

Suppressing Out of Office Notifications for BCC’d Distribution Lists

By default, OOFs are sent to folks on To and Cc lines, and anyone who is a member of a DL on the Bcc line.

  • Action: Add the following REG_DWORD value and set it to 1


When set to 1, suppresses OOFS to members of BCC’d DLs


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