Brunch with Mark Minasi

A tap on the shoulder…    “Hey Nick…   been a while”…

Who is this strange man looking at me…?      Ah…  It is Mark without a beard!   The “professor” look has gone… here is the new and improved Mark Minasi 🙂

Brunch was good, it did not take long to get into tech discussion, so my wife soon left the table to sun herself.   I found myself, yet again, trying to convince him to use SBS…   that conversation seems to be going on forever.   But, at least he started to understand the licencing for SBS.   We may yet see a SBS box somewhere on the Minasi network.

Two other side notes…   First, I aim to win the Harley Davidson that is on show at Winconnections.   Man that would be so cool.    Second, Winconnections looks like it will not be in Orlando next year, but California.   Urgh…  that is tooo far to travel.

And for those who want the picture: (Sorry Mark, the only one I had that was not blurred)

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