Some Dodgy EXE's flying around….

Today, I have received from no less that three sources, two different versions of a no-cd crack for the FS9.EXE file.

What concerns me, is that from a quick binary comparison, the only thing that has changed on both of these EXE’s is the version number.   In other words, I have two “cracked” EXE’s that are apparently for version 9.1.  From what I can see they are nothing more that 9.0 EXE’s with the version number changed.   I am sure another will turn up soon that is actually the right version.   

I should clarify that I am not a reverse engineering expert…    but I would like the opinion of someone who is, to give me a clear picture.

This brings me to another point….  and this is a rant.    Could whomever in Microsoft who made the decision to include the SafeDisk protection on the CD for FS ensure that it is removed for any future versions of Flight Simulator.   People will always hack it, and it seems illogical to me to have this protection.

What I would like to see instead is the activation method, like we have for Office and Windows already.   This must be a better option.


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