Fancy a pint? See you in Orlando.

This week has been a busy one…    three SBS2003 installs / migrations, and on Monday – I am in Galway doing a “modified” SBS2003 Hands on Lab for some partners.   On Wednesday, I fly to Shannon to catch the plane to Orlando for the Winconnections Conference

This is an excellent conference, and over the years I have met some great people at it.    However, there is one product that really does not get talked about at this conference…. you guessed it.   Small Business Server.

At last years event, my friend Mark Minasi was half way through explaining that you do not install everything on one box, when he made it very clear to everyone that “Nick Whittome and his SBS gang” actually do.  This year I intend on being available for anyone who is interested in how this little box is doing all of these wonderful things for such a good price 🙂 and why it is “flying off the shelf”.

Anyway…   Fancy a Pint?    Ill be in the Hyatt.


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