Flight Simulator Patch Release – Some Important reading you should know!

Great News Flight Simmers!   The 9.1 Patch for FS9 (Flight Simulator 2004) has this very second been released.

I have been waiting up this evening to post this, as there are some very important things that you need to know about this patch (outside of the outstanding updates included).   They are:

  • I would suggest a backup if you have the capability to do so easily.
  • The Installer WILL NOT display the readme before you install.   You will be given all the important information regarding beta findings before you download.  So you must read them!
  • You MUST be running FSUIPC 3.40 or later if you are using that module from Pete Dowson.
  • If you are running ActiveCamera, you may run into CTD issues with version 1.x.   The latest version is, I believe, available on the site now
  • Some install tests on my systems have been seen to look like they have stopped installing, when in fact they are working, but slowly.  This happens on some machines, but not others.   Walk away from your machine for a couple of hours and come back.   Some other people have reported waiting a few hours for the install to complete. 
  • If you decide to uninstall the update, using the FS9UpdateUninstall.exe you should note that this IS uninstalling when you see the command screen and it appears to be doing nothing.   It has a lot of work to do.   Again, go and have a cup of tea and come back later so you are not tempted to click the X 🙂
  • IF YOU HAVE THE NO-CD Patch, you MUST install the original FS9.EXE File for the patch to work.
  • If you have modified any of the original FS files THAT MICROSOFT MENTION in their readme, the installer will fail.   The original files can be obtained from the original CD’s if you need to copy them back in.
  • Those looking for the original gps_export.dll file, that dont want to muck around with getting it off the CD, can download it here
  • DO NOT copy back any old version of the FS9.EXE file.  The FS9.EXE file had updates made to it that correct CTD issues.

The update is available on the FS9 Website.   Enjoy it!   It includes a lot of fixes and updates that the MS team have been working hard on for a long time to make your simming experience better.


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