MessageStats 5 Beta – Will be cool for SBS

Over the past few weeks, I have been a beta testing Quest Software’s up and coming new version of MessageStats Version 5.  I wanted to share some experiences with you, as this is a vast improvement on version 4 and has some really cool features, even for us on SBS “small networks”.  Thanks to Quest for including me on the beta, and approving this early “quick look” at the product.

This system works on SQL or MSDE databases, and sucks the information from your exchange server.   All the reports are super easy to use and are all given to the user via a smart looking web interface.   It is important to note that this product will run well on a server – client setup or a single client.   The setup really simple, and the cost (basing on version 4) works out about €10.00 per user.

One of the really cool features that are new to this version is the “Executive Summaries” that give management a quick snapshot of mail usage.  These reports include server traffic usage, Recipient Traffic Usage, Service Delivery, Capacity and Financials.   Here are some quick screenshots of my own server for this and last month to give you an idea of the data you get.

Traffic Usage
Capacity Reports

OK, time for one more….    This is my favourite report.   Top Internet domains….   As you can see my fellow SBS MVP’s send one hell of a lot of Yahoogroup messages 😉

Domain Reports

Email misuse is a major problem for small businesses.   I have often walked onto a customer site to see the receptionist in the process of sending a 10MB Video or a set of 1000 holiday pictures to 100 of her mates.  IMHO, this product will allow small businesses to save money and increase efficiency of employees.   I for one would probably not send as much “chatter” email to my pals if I knew I had this kind of monitoring in place ;-).    The best part is even the CEO will be able to use it.

There is so much more that would take way too long to go through here, but as soon as the demo is available here, I strongly suggest you give it a go.  If you get stuck, drop me a line.

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