Minecraft Server on QNAP (2022)

The kids have been hounding me for some time to setup a Minecraft server so today, about a year after they first started, here I am! Gah. According to many articles out there, this stuff should be more straightforward. But alas, the QNAPClub site was down, and every time I tried to find a docker install for the QNAP that… Read more →

Post Upgrade to Windows 10 – 2004, Broken DirectAccess

For a few weeks we have been fighting with an issue where Windows 10 was upgraded from 1909 build to the new 2004 build and then DirectAccess Stopped Functioning. I troubleshooted this with Microsoft PSS team and they did not find the issue, but after some troubleshooting today, I have found that removing ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2032.0 fixes the issue immediately.… Read more →

More Flight Simulator Updates from X019

I have had one of those weeks where its been meeting, phone call, installation, legal, HR….. and no fun. Then tonight, I got to sit down and read up on the thing I have been looking forward to (as have at least 50% of my kids). Flight Simulator (next) The team released a new trailer today, and screenshots. Take them… Read more →

Review: Spacetalk Watch

The first in Ireland….. I initially did a video review of the watches, but realised very quickly that I am not pretty enough and my video skills…. suck. A while back, I reviewed the Vodafone V-Kids Watch. Since then, and I will get in to it later, I have been looking for a replacement to better serve the needs of… Read more →

Its ramping up….

Today was insane, I came back from work and I have a ton of articles that I am reading through, some of which are just unbelievable if you love Flight Simulator! There is so much, but here is a few. Oh, how I remember being important enough o be invited to these things before 🙂 https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/09/the-new-ms-flight-simulator-taught-me-how-to-fly-an-actual-plane/ Last but not least,… Read more →