Office 365 Login Scripts from Ryan are super handy!

Today again I found myself trying to remember the logon commands for Office 365 Powershell!   (Weirdly, I can remember commands once I am in, but constantly forget the logon ones).   Anyway, because this frustrated me again, a bit of Googling found me this blogpost from Ryan Mangan. Now, the whole story is not on Ryan’s site.    There are some other… Read more →

Blocking Executable Attachments (even in ZIP files) on Office 365 – Updated!

  SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES Original Post 16.10.2014: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Today, I was working with a nice PSS chap in Microsoft (Hi there Om Prakash Nath!) We were both working on a problem we were having where transport rules in Microsoft Office 365 were not correctly blocking executable attachments within emails to our clients.    This is something of a vital requirement… Read more →

Windows 10 Technical Preview Updates

So, if like me you are already running Windows 10, make sure to click Check for Updates!    Microsoft have already released KB3001512 according to WP Central who make the following comments: Update for Windows Technical Preview for x64-based systems (KB3001512) Issues that are fixed in this update Issuer Distribution Point (IDP) sets are removed from Windows Tech Preview or Windows… Read more →

Apple Watch

  OK, so lets face it, the iPhone was always going to be amazing and I was always going to buy one.  But I was never sure about replacing my trustworthy Pebble watch which has served me well as a smart device on my wrist. In fairness to the Pebble, it works really well.   First and foremost as a watch,… Read more →

Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates

I am now a proud owner of a Surface Pro 3 i7 model.    Honestly, this is one of the best tech devices I have ever owned (that does not fly). There have been various people in the Microsoft forums reporting issues with overheat and shutdown of the device.   My device only got “hot” once, and that was when I first… Read more →