Airvideo HD for QNAP Server

For some time now, I have been waiting on a kind freeware developer to release Airvideo HD for the QNAP server.    I even offered to sponsor such an effort, but today a Mysterious person released a version to the web. I am linking there with Google translate as the original site is in Korean.   If anyone can translate that… Read more →

Windows 10 Editions Announced

I get questions about Windows 10 almost daily, so fresh off the Microsoft Blog, here are the Windows 10 Editions announced today.   Windows 10 is coming this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages. Today, we are excited to share more details on the Windows 10 Editions. We designed Windows 10 to deliver a more personal computing experience across… Read more →

Surface 3

Microsoft announced Surface 3 today, a Full Windows Atom processor based device starting at $499.00.   That is pretty impressive, and the early reviews are looking good. From the Verge Read more →

Remember Squawkbox?

Well, if you do, you will also remember that my site was for years a mirror for the download.   I just found out that lots of people still come here to grab that mirror.    I just put it back. Agh!   I remember the days I had time to develop add-ons for Flight Simulator! 🙂   Read more →

And not & – HyperV 2012 R2 backup

Well, there goes about 40 Hours of my time on a support case with Microsoft. A short while back I wrote this article which fixed once, but the problem returned.   This time, I opened a case with Microsoft and for the last month or so, the case has been doing the rounds of Microsoft PSS people. Finally, the issue was… Read more →

Looking for the old version of Air Video?

Yeah, I was too, for over 3 hours through backups and iTunes backups. Totally unimpressed with for pulling the app from the iTunes store!   Its not like I don’t own Airvideo HD (the new version), but older devices don’t support it, and there is no Linux version for HD! So, Inmethod people, if you are reading this…   please put… Read more →