I am not a coder, but I now have an App

Yes, its true.   The last time I wrote a piece of code it was on a ZX81, had 50 lines of code and ran out of memory.

I am at the Microsoft UK and Ireland MVP event in Dublin this week, and I just learnt how to make a quick App and publish it to the Microsoft App store.    Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some kind of new Angry Birds app that’s going to make me millions of Euro, but it is something that anyone can do and it is useful!

In my case, I wanted a simple app that would read my company news feed RSS and publish this…   

One way you can do this is using something like http://www.zipapp.co.uk/ which allows you to publish a very simple application.   However, there is a better option…..


Windows Phone App Studio.    Built a news feed for NTES in about 10 minutes :)   Try that out!

I’ll post a link to that App later! 🙂