So shoot me…. The downloads for the WSUS Patch for the 100% CPU use and Memory leak.

EDIT:  Links pulled again….    explaination in a blog post later. 

I put these up before and took them down to keep the peace.   Since no one in Microsoft is taking action to make this patch more publicly available I am going to.   I can deal with the consequences (which I doubt there will be).   Maybe soon we will have a way for intelligent people, whom care about their networks, can download patches without having to call Microsoft and be “screened”.

There are two articles that are dealt with here.   The first is the one I originally mentioned, 914810 which causes Automatic Updates to stop responding.   The patches for that are:

Windows 2000 – Click Here
Windows XP – Click Here
Windows Server 2003 – Click Here

However…  there is a newer version of the msi.dll file in this article 916089 for XP only.   I would guess that this would mean that you do not have to install the one above for XP, but I do not know for sure.   You can download that here

Remember people…  use these patches at your own discretion.    Backup first, and do not come moaning here if it breaks something else.

Another note is to ensure that the SoftwareDistribution folder is excluded from AV scanning!