And to think… you thought that the address went to the big Junk Email folder in the sky…

Hal Bryan has a lovely, and to the point post up on his blog about emails to this address and how they do in fact read them.

I am going to answer one particular section of that post:

User: At the very least ya should make it easier for scenery designers to create time-reactive scenery.

Hal: Since I’m far from a scenery expert, I don’t really have a sense for how hard this is now, but I’m happy to agree with MD anyway and say yes, it would be great if we made it easier.

It will be nice when things become easier, but hey…  what’s the fun in finding out how to do it yourself then 🙂   If you take a trip over to you will find a cool tool called MDLTweaker, written by Arno, which will allow you to do exactly this.   We are currently testing (from memory, publicly) MDLTweaker II, which will do even cooler things.