Mailboxes Size in Exchange System Manager do not match the size of your Priv EDB file?

Neither did mine….

No matter how many times I defragmented the private information store file, which had hit the 16GB limit, it did not shrink much past 15GB.    This did not make sense, as totalling up the mailbox sizes in the Exchange System Manager came to about 8GB.

What made this even more confusing was the fact that I knew that mailbox retention policies could cause this.   But I had just removed them…   from 30 Days down to 0.   Still, no luck…

So, I walked away, and came back today….   guess what…   it now compresses / defragments.   I assume that exchange schedules itself to get rid of the deleted retention items….   I must find myself an Exchange MVP to figure this one out 🙂

Roll on Exchange SP2!   Increase from 16GB to 75GB!   However, I am still hearing that this increase on SBS2003 will require a patch…   something that I and others are not too happy about.  I, for one, will be bringing this up at the MVP summit at the end of the month.