Nokia PC Sync 6.6 is VERY buggy software…. (but I have a fix for the contacts not syncing issue)

Oh Man….    why do I always convince myself that putting on the latest version of software is a good thing…   Too used to patching I presume.

Tonight, I upgraded from Nokia PC Sync 6.4 to the new 6.6 version.    I thought to myself that this would be an easy process, and in Nokia’s defence it has been in the past.   But then the trouble started.

I synced up with Outlook 2003, and to my amazement only 83 of my 500+ contacts transferred to the phone.    So, I deleted the contacts on the phone, and even setup a new sync profile but still no joy.   I then Googled this thread and saw I was not the only one with the issue.   I tell ya, I agree with some of the posters on that forum…   never again will I get one of these phones with this OS.   Smart Phones for me all the way 🙂

Anyway, the answer to the contact issue is to export your contacts from outlook to an Access Database (must be that format for some reason), then delete the contacts and re-import back to outlook.   (I used the default mapping for export and import).   Then all works again.

I do hope that Nokia pull the finger out and patch this issue.