3CX V15 on Windows Azure

I wanted to comment directly on Hayden Kirk’s blog, but couldn’t.  So here is a post linking to his to point out just how much pain he saved me on implementing 3CX on Windows Azure.  This made things SO much simpler, so thanks Hayden! He has a script that fixes a PostGres DB issue…  check it out before you even… Read more →

Exclaimer non descriptive error…..

“There was a general problem while updating the user’s signatures and settings during the operation” A very generic error message on a client machine running EXSYNC.EXE which other than above appeared to be ok.  The server also was giving no errors, and policy tests worked. The issue, was simple, but not simple to find.  Because the client machines used to… Read more →

DJI Mavic Pro

A while back I did some fun stuff with my old DJI Phantom 3 Vision for Munster Rugby.   You may have seen it on the news, or the video of Simon Zebo trying to kick it out of the sky 🙂 Anyway, that was back then…. and just for fun…  Since, that drone has become a permanent tool that Munster use for… Read more →

Goodbye Onedrive for Business, hello Dropbox.

I am a month into using Dropbox at our offices.  The migration wasn’t easy but it has been totally worth it.  No more storage sync issues, no more support calls complaining I am not the only one that has problems with Onedrive and its confusing mess.  Microsoft, now years into this product development, still havent fixed this and I for… Read more →

Samsung TV. No sound?

Ok. Really I am putting this here so I don’t forget how I did this in a few years time when someone asks me again. If you use Saorview and have a Samsung smart TV and don’t get sound on certain channels, one cause could be a feature called ‘Audio Description’. You need to turn this off. To do so,… Read more →

The ex Naked MVP

Over a decade as a Microsoft MVP, and this year I have not been re-awarded.    Unfortunately due to business commitments and lack of engagement with Microsoft in 2015 this is the end result. I have to be honest, it was time!   I couldn’t keep up any more with the award commitments. Family and Business are just about enough… Read more →

Airvideo HD for QNAP Server

For some time now, I have been waiting on a kind freeware developer to release Airvideo HD for the QNAP server.    I even offered to sponsor such an effort, but today a Mysterious person released a version to the web. I am linking there with Google translate as the original site is in Korean.   If anyone can translate that… Read more →