Migrating Public folders to Office 365. The missing information….

Over the past month, we have been working with a customer on migrating to Office 365.   Unlike all our other migrations, this customer had a large amount of Public folders and public folder data in Exchange 2010 onsite. This turned out to be a major stumbling block for NTES and also Microsoft. Finally today, we are migrated, but the steps… Read more →


Eircom Zyxel D1000 – The most useless router on the planet

It never ceases to amaze me how our friends in Eircom are so happy to pass the buck when it comes to the terrible Zyxel D1000 especially when in Bridge Mode. Its easy for Eircom to say that they do not support bridging, but the reality is that most customer want to avoid a double NAT situation.   Bridging should work,… Read more →

Nick having a good 'ol moan

Dovetail Games, do the right thing…..

As some of you know, Flight Simulator and I have a long history….   Which included a break up right around the time Microsoft axed the team and I had a “bit of a rant” at Steve Ballmer at the MVP summit. Some of the team that remained on after, worked hard to try and build within the limits of… Read more →