Robin Williams

Well.   This says it all to me.   Thanks for all the laughs…

Mork on being a celebrity



The Server is out of space. Onedrive for Business

With the recent 1TB upgrade of user personal storage on Microsoft Office 365 you have lots of space to play with… this is a great thing.   However last week I ran into a weird issue where I was uploading about 20 large files (not over the 2GB limit).   All went well, but on just three of the files, I hit… Read more →


Needle in a haystack – Azure benefits for Partners

Well, that was convoluted to say the least! This link is where you need to go if you are a Microsoft Partner and wish to access your Cloud Benefit credit for Azure.    Its simple because the link is here, but trust me…   it took 1 hour and a chat to the support person for me to find it! Read more →


Wing Commander 3… for FREE on Steam!

OK, its not like I am going to get any time to play this, but I couldn’t resist at least having it on my PC and ready….   Thank you Steam for bringing back some great memories of the game that first made me want to get involved in computers…  albeit game music development (yeah, that didn’t happen)   Read more →